Being stay at home mom and wife of a railroader, I hold A LOT of titles. Blogger is NOT one of them. “Live. Love. Learn. Repeat.” with me through my grammatically, logically, socially, ethically, mentally, and TOTALLY(tennille) incorrect self!

Why the slogan?

Well… that’s a tough one. I might get into that one day, when I’m ready. For now, here’s the jist of it.
Live. It’s easy for us to do that right? … shit, even when we don’t want to. We can still do it.
Love. That’s not always easy.. and that’s okay.
Learn. A wise broad I know told me once ” There’s always a lesson to be learned in the situation. Whether it be for you or someone else.”
Repeat. Well.. because that’s what we do. Just like Winter, Summer, Spring, and Fall. We’re always repeating life. Loving life and learning from life.

  • Why I stopped wearing a “smart watch”

    September 27, 2019 by

    If you’re thinking all I’m gonna do is knock a watch, you’re wrong…. and kinda right at the same time. Only way this is gonna feel like I’m knocking it, is if you have one and absolutely LOVE yours. This is purely my opinion on the watch and why I chose to get rid of… Read more

  • Who is This Broad?

    September 17, 2019 by

    I think this might be the hardest thing ever for someone to do. Unless you’re conceited. … I can’t even get people I know to describe me! When I was younger, I always loved that one song by Meredith Brooks. Pretty sure she wrote about the future me, and I’m still missing my “cut” 😅… Read more

  • Fear of all fears

    September 13, 2019 by

    I can’t tell you how many times I have tried to “blog” since April 19, 2016. Most of you don’t know, but that’s the day I went in for my spinal fusion. I wanted to record my recovery. I wanted to have an account. I wanted to be inspiration for others having the same issue… Read more

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“Live. Love. Learn. Repeat.” with me.

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